Start of kayak Soča season 2020 – update!

Obstacles 2020 on Soča river

Finally the kayaking season 2020 in Soca valey has started! There is plenty of snow in the mountains, so it will be a good one!

Like every year, it starts on 15th of March, however this year be aware of plenty of obstacles. There is more than 30 dangerous trees and other obstacles. Those impose a great threat for kayakers, rafters and other Soča river enthusiasts, so removal is crucial before the season can kick off in full potential safely. If you unsure about your ability to navigate Soča river before being completely cleaned, check out services on guiding powered by proffesionals. We know Soča as our own pocket! Please note, we are working super hard in order to ensure Soča will be free of stuck and dangerous trees asap! That`s us in action a few days back:

In order to begin, begin! 🙂

William Wordsworth

If you would like to learn more about river safety, we recommend you to check out some safety and river rescue foundations and training.

Especially in the start of season, after autumn and winter flooding it is essential to take into consideration there might be some new obstacles and even change of rapids. Also this season Soča river has prepared some new decoration (eg. new rapids). For example, first rapid after Srpenica2 has changed a bit, let all the other changes stay unreveiled for now. Kayaking on Soča river is never boring. That`s why so many people return to experience kayaking to secret spots on Soča river year after year!

P.S. This year safari jungle section vanished completely, instead of that we`re introducing slalom flipper tree section – fun bit different kind of!

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Obstacles 2020 on Soča riverSeason 2020

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